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Exhibition of dead bodies not to be banned in Prague

30 June 2017

Prague, June 29 (CTK) - The police have rejected a ban of the "Body the Exhibition" which puts on display dead human bodies and their burial proposed by Prague 7 district mayor Jan Cizinsky, the server said today.

Now Cizinsky wants to turn to a court.

Prague Mayor Adriana Krnacova refused to join the protest, arguing that the organisers had all the necessary permits.

The exhibition organised at the Exhibition Grounds in Holesovice puts on display over 20 whole bodies and another 300 exhibits from real human bodies. It lasts until July 23.

The exhibition was made by U.S. producers, but the bodies are from China.

Cizinsky sent a letter to the Chinese embassy asking it to bury the bodies.

He also asked the police to cooperate. He says under the law, the town hall has the duty to bury the bodies.

Cizinsky told today that the police had refused to confiscate the exhibits.

"According to the decision, I cannot bury the exhibits at the moment, but I will continue with my efforts. I presume that I will pass the affair to a court," he added.

"At the moment, it is my aim to gain the decision that the exhibition could never again be here," Cizinsky said.

The curator of the Body the Exhibition, Kveta Havelkova, told the server that under the valid law, the exhibition was quite legally in the Czech Republic.

She said it was not morally harmful in any way. On the contrary, it provides some lesson to the visitors, she added.

Krnacova said earlier the exhibition was in harmony with regulations, saying Cizinsky's appeal to the Chinese embassy was out of place.

The visitors can see human bodies in many positions at the exhibition. There is also a comparison of ill and healthy bodily organs.

The exhibition was made in the laboratories of prominent world anatomists. The individual parts of bodies underwent the plastination process in which plastics replace the body water. The method was invented by German anatomist Gunther von Hagens.

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