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TI to monitor funding of election campaigns of Czech parties

7 July 2017

Prague, July 4 (CTK) - The Transparency International (TI) anti-corruption organisation will again focus on the funding of the campaigns that Czech political parties wage before the general election due on October 20-21, TI writes in a press release issued on Monday.

For the first time, TI will monitor the digital political marketing on social networking websites and elsewhere.

The results of the analysis of the campaign will be presented on October 5.

This project wants to provide information about how transparent politicians are still before the elections and give an opportunity to the politicians to correct their possible deficiencies, TI writes.

TI asks political parties about the structure of their revenues and expenditures, their transparent accounts, election teams, cooperation with agencies and handling with donations. However, it puts emphasis on whether information is available to the public.

The Czech branch of TI has been monitoring political campaigns since 2012. This year, stricter rules for the financing of political parties have been applied for the first time and an independent body supervising the funding of parties started operating.

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