Thursday, 19 July 2018

Mayors, regional governors' salaries to rise in 2018

17 July 2017

Prague, July 16 (CTK) - The salaries of Czech towns and villages' mayors and regional governors are to rise as of next year according to a draft government decree, prepared by the Interior Ministry and released to CTK.

The mayors' pay might rise by about 8.5 percent. According to the size of the towns and villages they manage, their monthly pay would increase from 36,500 crowns to almost 95,000 crowns.

The regional governors and the mayor of Prague would earn by almost 16 percent more, that is from 109,500 to 120,500 crowns a month, according to the draft decree.

The Interior Ministry has worked it out in relation to the government law on municipalities that lawmakers passed at the beginning of this year.

It unifies the calculation of the monthly remuneration of assembly members and severance pay of mayors and governors. It also removes differences in the remuneration of representatives of municipalities and regions.

At present, the basic salaries of mayors are the same, but they receive special bonuses based on the size of their municipalities. This system leads to high differences between their salaries, amounting to tens of thousands of crowns a month.

In the new decree, the Interior Ministry sets as a base the monthly salary of the mayor of a municipality with up to 300 inhabitants that amounts to some 36,500 crowns.

This basic monthly remuneration should be gradually increased depending on the number of inhabitants of villages, towns and regions.

The monthly remuneration of mayors would thereby rise by almost 5000 crowns on average.

The Mayor of Prague's monthly salary would be 120,447 crowns in 2018, which is 14,505 crowns more than this year. A regional governor would earn at least 109,497 crowns a month, which is about 15,800 crowns more on average.

The monthly salaries of deputies to mayors and governors would amount to some 88 percent of their superiors' pay. The salaries of other municipal and regional representatives would gradually decrease up to assembly members without any other functions. They would earn 3 percent of the monthly pay of a mayor or 5 percent of a regional governor.

The Interior Ministry says in the document that more that one-third of municipalities in the Czech Republic have under 300 inhabitants and more than 77 percent under 1000 inhabitants.

There are some 63,000 municipal and regional representatives in the Czech Republic with a population of 10.5 million, the Interior Ministry says.

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