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ČLFA members provide financing for CZK 88.61bn in H1

CIA News |
3 August 2017

Members of the Czech Leasing and Financial Association (ÈLFA) provided their clients with leasing, loans and factoring in the amount of CZK 88.61bn in the first half of 2017. This represents a growth by 5.4% y/y. Total ÈLFA’s receivables from ongoing leasing and loan contracts total CZK 262.3bn. The number of leasing and loan trades reached 332,434. ÈLFA members managed 1,317,992 active contracts as of the end of H1. According to Libor Bosák, the chairman of the board of directors of ÈLFA, the growth in the number corresponding with the output of the domestic economy was driven by the private segment. Some CZK 73.07bn of the total sum of CZK 88.61bn was designed for the financing of corporate investments and operation and CZK 15.54bn was used to finance goods and services for households.

Source: www.cianews.cz