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Twenty-eight parties may run in Czech general election

3 August 2017

Prague, Aug 2 (CTK) - Twenty-eight political parties and movements may run in the Czech general election due on October 20-21, according to the list that the office monitoring the financing of parties has released on its website.

The precise number of the parties is to be known after the deadline for submitting the lists of election candidates expires on August 15.

In the previous general election in late 2013, 24 parties sought to win seats in the 200-seat Chamber of Deputies, including 17 parties that ran in all Czech regions.

The ANO movement, the Social Democrats (CSSD), the Civic Democrats (ODS), the Communists (KSCM), the Christian Democratic Union (KDU-CSL), TOP 09, Mayors and Independents (STAN) and Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) will be defending their parliamentary seats.

The Pirates, the Greens, the Party of Free Citizens, and the Party of Citizens' Rights that are represented in the Senate will also be running in the elections as well.

The Realists and the re-established Civic Democratic Alliance (ODA), both supported by rich businessmen, will take part in the elections for the first time.

The Workers' Party of Social Justice (DSSS), Bloc against Islamisation, National Democracy and the Order of the Nation far-right groupings have been campaigning before the elections as well.

Traditionally, the marginal monarchist Czech Crown, the Czech National and Social Party (CSNS) and the Czech Movement for National Unity are to submit their election candidates.

Among the recently formed new political groupings are the Path of Responsible Society and the Referendum on the EU.

A party can spend up to 90 million crowns on its election campaign according to law. The office monitoring the financing of parties is to check whether the parties did not exceed the ceiling.

($1=22.123 crowns)

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