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Two Czechs return from trip on kick scooters across Latin America

10 August 2017

Kolin, Central Bohemia, Aug 9 (CTK) - Two Czechs, named Marek Jelinek and Michal Kohoutek, have returned from an eight-month trip across Latin America which they made along with another five friends on kick scooters to Kolin, Jelinek told journalists today.

Jelinek said they would not stay at home for long as in December, they would set on another journey, this time to Asia.

"I feel like continuing. In December, we will continue, this time to Asia," Jelinek said, adding that it was still a good feeling to be back home after the eight months.

Four men and three women aged 24 to 33 started their journey in November after six-month preparations in order to fulfil their dream.

However, after four months of travelling, the seven-member group was reduced to two members in Columbia, while the rest decided to deviate from the plan and explore the Tayrona National Park and visit the festival in Barranquilla instead.

For a time, the tandem was joined by a Columbian female cyclists who drove along with them to Bolivia.

The two men drove through Latin America from Mexico to Brazil, whose coast in Sao Paulo they reached in mid-July.

"On our route, we had to overcome some differences in altitude on our kick scooters, while 4388 metres above the sea level is our maximum," Jelinek said.

"We drove even to Machu Picchu, we were going 50 kilometres on tracks and through tunnels, we were chased by the police and a bull herd," he added.

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