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Czech ambassador: Egypt dragging feet with police investigation

31 August 2017

Prague, Aug 30 (CTK) - Egyptian authorities are postoning the conclusion of the investigation into the July attack on tourists in Hurghada after which a Czech woman died, Czech ambassador to Egypt Veronika Kuchynova Smigolova told CTK on Wednesday.

Egyptians have the idea that it was a terrorist act perpetrated by an Islamist, which might reduce the number of tourists, Kuchynova Smigolova said.

The Czech and Egyptian diplomacies continue with their talks on how to pay compensation to the woman's family.

The 36-year-old Czech woman succumbed to the consequences of the stabbing injuries she suffered during a knife attack on female tourists on a beach in Hurghada, an Egyptian seaside resort, on July 14.

The perpetrator, a young Egyptian young man, at first stabbed to death two German women seriously injured another two holiday-makers in a hotel in Hurghada. Then he swam to a neighbouring beach where he wounded at least another two persons, including the Czech woman who died in a hospital in Cairo on July 27.

The assailant, a follower of Islamic State, will undergo a psychiatric examination.

The investigation continues, Egyptians are in contact with the Czech police and Czechs also communicate with Germany who are also interested in uncovering the assailants' motive, Kuchynova Smigolova said.

She said she could see the effort to help on the Egyptian side, but also procrastination.

"Verbally, they are very positive and they want to help us," Kuchynova Smigolova said.

"On the other hand, they are afraid of the investigation resulting in the confirmation that it was a terrorist act of an Islamist. From their viewpoint, this is not in their interest as this might scare tourists," she added.

"They are somewhat putting off the conclusion although they have the idea of how it was," Kuchynova Smigolova.

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