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AMSP: 20% of entrepreneurs in rural areas consider cooperation with ČP

CIA News |
12 September 2017

Three new Partner post offices operated by postal company Česká Pošta’s partners are opened every week. Two entrepreneurs out of ten in rural areas are considering adding post office services to its portfolio.

This stems from the survey by the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and Sole Traders of the Czech Republic (AMSP ČR). Totally 45% of inhabitants in rural areas believe that most suitable locations for Česká Pošta Partner outlets are local government office (38%), local store (38%) and hotel or guesthouse (2%).

The survey has also indicated that a third of the polled entrepreneurs request minimum guarantee income of CZK 10,000 from Partner post services. For 11%, the guaranteed income would have to reach CZK 11,000-20,000. For 13% of entrepreneurs, the minimum is CZK 20,000.