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EP Vice President Telička ends cooperation with ANO

12 October 2017

Prague, Oct 11 (CTK) - European Parliament (EP) Vice President Pavel Telicka has ended cooperation with the ANO movement for which he was elected to the EP, ANO leader Andrej Babis told server on Wednesday, one week before the Czech general election.

Telicka, who ran for ANO as an unaffiliated candidate, had disputes with Babis before. He gave up the position of ANO's foreign policy expert earlier this year and he did not take part in the movement's campaign before the Czech elections.

Babis told E15 that he and Telicka had different opinions.

Telicka said he was surprised that the news about his parting with ANO was released now. He said he had an agreement with Babis that they would make it public after the elections. He said he is ready to comment on it more thoroughly after the elections are held.

Telicka criticised the fact that he received no feedback to his contributions to the ANO foreign policy programme and did not even know whether his positions became part of the programme.

He told journalists in August that he had no information about ANO's stances on European affairs.

Telicka also said he disagreed with Babis in some spheres. Telicka for example supported the adoption of euro by the Czech Republic, while Babis considers euro a failed project.

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