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Wall projection to warn of Holocaust transports in Prague

13 October 2017

Prague, Oct 12 (CTK) - An evening projection of the faces of Holocaust victims on the facade of the Pinkas Synagogue in Prague will commemorate the anniversary of the first war-time transport of Jews from the Czech Lands, curator Jana Splichalova told journalists on Thursday.

The people walking on the Siroka Street will see the projection as of October 16, the day of the anniversary, Splichalova said.

The photos will be screened on the wall of the Pinkas synagogue.

The evening projection is a part of the modernisation of the standing exhibition in it. It commemorates the tragic fates of over 78,000 Jews from the Czech Lands who perished in the Holocaust.

The first project will start on October 16. The screening will continue every evening except for Fridays and Jewish holidays.

In winter, it will take 2.5 hours a day, in the summer only 45 minutes, the Museum workers said.

The projection is to assign the faces to at least some of the names of the victims, written on the walls inside the Pinkas Synagogue.

The Jewish Museum in Prague has gained the photos of relatives and friends of the victims.

The selected photos document the fates of the people who lived normal lives until their persecution. Their fates were changed forever on October 16, when the Nazi regime started implementing its Final Solution plan.

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