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Aktuálně.cz: Prague police deal with racist call by SPD official

7 December 2017

Prague, Dec 6 (CTK) - The Prague police started investigating the Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) movement's secretary Jaroslav Stanik on suspicion that he made hateful and racist statements in parliament in late October, the server wrote on Wednesday.

According to witnesses, Stanik got drunk in one of the restaurants of the lower house of parliament and he said homosexuals, Jews and the Roma should be all sent to gas chambers.

Outgoing Labour Minister Michaela Marksova (Social Democrats, CSSD), who had a row with Stanik in the parliament's restaurant, is to by questioned by the police Wednesday.

"He was saying that they should go to gas and be annihilated," Marksova said last month.

Former MP Marek Cernoch (elected for Dawn) told the server that Stanik said on the given day that all homosexuals, Roma and Jews should be shot dead immediately after their birth. writes that Stanik was a police officer under the communist regime in the 1980s. As the SPD secretary, he did not want to let journalists enter the headquarters of party's election team during the general election in October.

The SPD of populist Tomio Okamura, an anti-EU and anti-Islam movement, won 22 MPs in the 200-seat lower house of Czech parliament in October. The democratic parties refuse to cooperate with the SPD, calling it extremist.

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