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Ice sculpture competition ends in Moravian mountains

18 December 2017

Roznov pod Radhostem, North Moravia, Dec 16 (CTK) - The Little Prince ice sculpture by Monika Jaszczak and Piotr Ciejko from Poland on Saturday won the 20th Ice Kingdom competition of ice sculptors that is annually held in the small town of Roznov in the Western Beskyd Mountains.

About 20 participants from the Czech Republic, Hungary in Poland started working on ten ice sculptures on Wednesday, organiser Miroslav Hrabal said.

The jury comprised of academic sculptors named the winner on Saturday.

Among the visitors, Minotaur by a local artist, Lukas Kocian, was the most popular.

"This is my third sculpture here. I mostly did animals, now it is something between a human figure and an animal. Mythical creatures seem to be attractive for people," Kocian said.

Last year, the visitors liked his Chameleon the most. In 2015, Bear on Snow he made was the second most popular.

Other sculptures represented the mythologic ferryman Charon, a dragon’s nest, a pig and more abstract motives.

As the ice sculptures are exhibited in a cooled, isolated gallery, the organisers do not have to depend on weather. The gallery will be open until February 4.

Most of the 12 tonnes of ice that the artists used came from a freezing plant.

More than 200 ice and snow sculptures have been created within the competition so far. Originally, the competition was held in nearby the Pustevny ski centre, but it moved to Roznov several years ago.

A different ice sculpture competition is organised in Pustevny now. People can come to see the sculptures in Pustevny on January 6-21.

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