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US embassy opens web to mark Czechoslovakia's birth

9 January 2018

Prague, Jan 8 (CTK) - The U.S. embassy has created a webpage with the milestones in bilateral relations on this year's 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia's establishment, the embassy said in a press release on Monday.

The embassy said U.S.-Czechoslovak diplomatic relations had been established briefly after Czechoslovakia's foundation.

In addition, the embassy is planning further events to commemorate Czechoslovakia's anniversary.

In a speech delivered to the U.S. congress on January 8, 1918, President Woodrow Wilson outlined the arrangement of the world after World War Two.

It included the right of ethnic groups to create their own states, the embassy said.

Along with other January milestones of Czech-U.S. relations, people can find the date on the webpage.

In the course of this year, there will be some more major historical events relating to the ongoing month, in the spheres of diplomacy, trade, culture and sports.

The webpage will be updated at the beginning of the month. The readers themselves will be able to propose the events that should not be absent from the timeline, the embassy said.

An overview of the events and projects marking Czechoslovakia's anniversary, in which the embassy takes part is on its webpage along with the instruction of how to join them.

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