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Presidential debate to be in Prague Rudolfinum hall

22 January 2018

Prague, Jan 19 (CTK) - The public broadcaster Czech Television (CT) will broadcast the election debate of incumbent President Milos Zeman and former Science of Academy chairman Jiri Drahos in the Prague Rudolfinum building on Thursday, CT spokeswoman Karolina Blinkova told journalists on Friday.

Both presidential candidates will be able to have 30 followers with them.

Originally, the debate was to be held in the Kavci hory CT complex.

CT will broadcast the programme Presidential duel - final on January 25 in a live transmission between 20:00 and 21:30 at the channels CT1 and CT24 with Svetlana Witowska as its anchorwoman.

"With the choice of Rudolfinum, the debate is returning to the place where the interviews with the candidates before the first round of the election were held," Blinkova said.

Before, another televised duel will take place in the Karlin Music Theatre on Tuesday, broadcast live by the commercial television station Prima. It will be moderated by Karel Vorisek.

"The discussion planned by Prima will have four main circles of topics," Adam Halmosi, from Prima, said.

The first will relate to changes in the constitution. The two candidates will be able to talk about the referendum as a constitutional instrument, changes in homosexuals' family rights, the abolition of the Senate and the presidential veto.

The second area will be coming to terms with the past in the Czech Republic. "We want the candidates to discuss the topic of return of property to churches and their taxation, the attitude to Communism and the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia," Halmosi said.

The third sphere is to cover domestic politics. "This is exemplified by the constitutional right to carry arms, the anti-smoking law, the electronic registration of sales (EET) and the protection of personal data and freedom of speech in the EU," Halmosi said.

The last circle of topics covers foreign policy issues such as migration, the refugee quotas, the joint military in the EU, the relations with Russia and sanctions against it or NGOs receiving money from abroad.

The second round is held on January 26-27.

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