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New Czech president to be inaugurated on March 8 or 9

23 January 2018

Prague, Jan 22 (CTK) - The inauguration of the new Czech president will take place at Prague Castle on March 8 or 9 and its exact date will be announced after the presidential election ends, Milan Stech, chairman of the Senate, and Radek Vondracek, chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, said on Monday.

The second round of the presidential contest between incumbent President Milos Zeman and academic Jiri Drahos is set for January 26-27.

Stech indicated that if Zeman were the winner, the inauguration will be held on March and if it were Drahos, it would be on March 9.

"In the past, there was the habit that if a president continued, he was sworn in on the last day of his old mandate," Stech said.

"If there was a new president, he took up the post on the first day after the end of the previous president's mandate," Stech added.

The ceremony is organised by the Chamber of Deputies whose chairman heads the joint session of both houses of the Czech parliament.

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