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Czech parties to discuss foreign, European policy

22 February 2018

Prague, Feb 21 (CTK) - Prime Minister Andrej Babis in resignation (ANO) will hold a meeting of party leaders to discuss foreign and European policy at the proposal of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS), Babis told journalists on Wednesday.

The ODS offered help to Babis when formulating the foreign and European policy, ODS leader Petr Fiala has said.

Fiala said along with other parties, the ODS would like to search for a national consensus on the questions which were dealt with on the EU level, such as migration.

Fiala informed Babis about this during their 40-minute meeting on Wednesday.

"We should certainly try and discuss issues abroad and in Brussels in a united fashion," Babis said, adding that he was planning a meeting of parties.

He allowed for the drafting of a declaration on European policy, as spoken about by Fiala.

Fiala said Babis should discuss the Czech Republic's position at the meetings of the European Council and inform the party leaders about their conclusions.

The parties should then formulate the basic attitude to the EU, Fiala said.

He said he did not want to link the debates with the government-forming talks.

"Internal consensus and disputes are one thing and changes in the EU another. The Czech Republic cannot stay outside the discussion," Fiala said.

Babis's ANO is short of a majority in the Chamber of Deputies. Most parties, including the ODS, have refused to enter a government along with him, arguing that he is criminally prosecuted.

Fiala said Babis was weakened abroad by his government not having confidence. In this, he could be helped by an agreement with other parties on foreign affairs.

Fiala called on Babis to meet in a letter in which he positively assessed his effort to deal with European politics.

"I have noticed that Babis is active, taking the European politics seriously. However, I will only evaluate his steps according to the results," Fiala said.

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