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Sports associations to get 1.27 billion for representation, youth

6 March 2018

Prague, March 5 (CTK) - More than 90 Czech sport associations will get 1.27 billion crowns for representation and talented youth from the Education, Sports and Youth Ministry this year, the ministry's press section has announced on its website.

The ministry will release 84 million crowns more than last year to sports associations.

A total of 690 million crowns will go to sports representation, which is 20 million crowns more than last year.

This year, the ministry earmarked another 680 million crowns in support of talented athletes aged from six to 23 years, which is 64 million crowns more than in 2017, the ministry said.

Higher financial support for representation is to contribute to a more frequent participation of athletes in international competitions and improvement of the teams accompanying them.

"We want 'small sports' with very limited sources from sponsors to be able to send athletes to their world and European championships," Education Minister Robert Plaga (ANO) said.

The associations working with talented youths will get the same or higher financial support compared to last year.

More money should be allocated in support of young talented athletes in the future, the minister promised.

The Organisation of Sports 2018 replaced the previous programmes in support of sports associations and school and university sport in February. The ministry plans to allocate 1.75 billion crowns within the programme at the end of April, which is a similar sum as in 2017.

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