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Poll: Trust in Czech government rises in February

8 March 2018

Prague, March 7 (CTK) - The trust in the Czech government headed by Prime Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) rose by 6 percent to 38 percent within a single month, according to a poll conducted by the CVVM agency in February and released on Wednesday.

The rating of both parliamentary houses, the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, improved, too. The former is trusted by 34 percent of Czechs, the latter by 32 percent.

The assessment of President Milos Zeman is the same as in December. Some 56 percent of Czechs trust him.

As usual, the biggest trust is enjoyed by mayors and local town halls.

The worst rating was given again to the Chamber of Deputies, although it is 3 percent bigger than in January.

Like in January, the mayors and local town halls are trusted by 64 percent of Czechs.

The trust in regional governors and regional assemblies is also all but the same as in January, as it was expressed by over two-fifths of Czechs.

Satisfaction with the current political situation was expressed by 17 percent of Czechs, 2 percent more than in January.

The proportion of the dissatisfied fell by 6 percent to 44 percent. Some 36 percent feel neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.

"As against the May 2017 poll, which recorded a significant fall in satisfaction with the political situation, associated with the then government crisis, one can see an obvious shift towards an improved perception of the current political situation," the pollsters said.

"The dissatisfaction rate fell by 23 percent," they added.

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