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Museum of Czechoslovak legionaries to open in Prague

12 March 2018

Prague, March 11 (CTK) - A museum of the Czechoslovak legions that took part in the fighting of World War One will open in the seat of the Czechoslovak legionaries' association in Prague this spring, the association's secretary Milan Mojzis told CTK.

In 2016 and 2017, the association prepared exhibitions on the fate of legionaries from WW1 and WW2.

"In the spring, we are going to do what we dreamt of for years, to open a museum in our seat," Legie 100 project's secretary Jiri Charfreitag said.

He said temporary exhibitions will be also be held, related to WW1 or the Czech military missions organised after 1989.

The museum will mainly focus on schools.

Charfreitag said children will go through a labyrinth in which they may experience the life that the legionaries had in Russia, Italy and France, and they may take a look at the equipment that the soldiers used and even use some of it by themselves.

The legionaries' association will also open a research centre and make its library available to the public.

Up to thousands of queries from people asking about their ancestors are addressed to the association every year. All the data that were gathered will be also available in the centre.

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