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Breaking language barrier is key to integration of foreigners

16 April 2018

Brno, April 13 (CTK) - Breaking the language barrier is the key to successful integration of foreigners, but many foreigners are dissatisfied with the offered Czech language courses as they would like to talk more instead of learning rules by heart in them, according to a Brno survey released on Friday.

The foreigners also complain that it is difficult or even impossible to speak English at some offices, the survey showed.

Communities of foreigners perceive the language barrier on different levels, but the language is an issue all of them have to deal with.

Daniel Topinka, head of the survey, told CTK that the locals are mistaken when they expect Ukrainians to have no problems in communication in the Czech Republic. "At first, the language is a principal problem for them," he said.

But while Ukrainians overcome the language barrier soon and they almost seem to be native speakers after some time, foreigners from some other countries have longer and bigger problems with the Czech language.

Indians who work in transnational companies in Brno can speak English with their colleagues at work, but when they decide to go for a trip, go shopping or order food in a restaurant, communication becomes a problem, Topinka said.

The Arab-speaking minority is disadvantaged due to the language barrier and they have problems when they seek jobs in Brno.

Apart from Czech language courses, the possibility to have an interpreter and information from state offices available in several languages is important for foreigners.

Clerks in institutions who get in contact with foreigners need language support as well.

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