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Three candidates for supervision of police inspection

17 April 2018

Prague, April 16 (CTK) - The post of chairman of the Czech Chamber of Deputies commission supervising the General Inspection of Security Corps (GIBS) is sought by deputies Jiri Masek (ANO), Zuzana Majerova Zahradnikova (Civic Democratic Party, ODS) and Mikulas Ferjencik (Pirates), the commission chairman, Martin Kolovratnik (ANO), told CTK on Monday.

The secret vote will be held on Wednesday, Kolovratnik said.

The post at the head of the commission was freed after Zdenek Ondracek (Communists, KSCM) resigned from it in early March.

Ondracek only headed it for a few days. His nomination provoked a wave of protests due to his past of a police officer under the Communist regime and a member of the riot police unit who took part in a crackdown on anti-Communist demonstrators.

Majerova Zahradnikova and Ferjencik were already running against Ondracek in early March. Ferjencik was eliminated in the first round of the vote and Majerova Zahradnikova was defeated by Ondracek in the second round.

The police inspection has come to the limelight due to the dispute between Prime Minister Andrej Babis and its director Michal Murin.

ANO leader Babis has asked Murin to resign, which he has refused to do.

The opposition says Babis' government wants to gain control of the security forces, including the police inspection.

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