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Fewer Czech distraint proceedings launched in 2017

17 May 2018

Prague, May 16 (CTK) - The number of newly launched distraint proceedings decreased to 612,000, while the number of completed distraint proceedings increased to 540,000 in the Czech Republic in 2017, the representatives of the Czech association of distraint officers told a press conference on Wednesday.

The association's deputy head, Jan Mlynarcik, said it may happen that the number of closed proceedings would be higher than that of the newly opened cases in future.

Last year, the number of new distraint proceedings dropped by 10 percent compared to 2016.

The total number of distraint proceedings has been going down since 2011, with the exception of 2014, the association said. It decreased in all Czech districts except for Usti nad Labem, north Bohemia. The Usti District Court also dealt with the highest number of distraint proceedings - 155 per 1000 inhabitants.

The decreasing number of distraint proceedings was influenced by several different factors, including legislative changes and the improving economic situation.

One year ago, the reward of distraint officers was cut to one half if the debtors paid their debt in time.

The association's head Vladimir Plasil said new, simple and modern rules of distraint proceedings were badly needed. He said a concept was lacking and 45 amendments to the present distraint law have been passed since 2001 when the law took effect.

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