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Zeman discusses judiciary with top court chairmen

27 June 2018

Prague, June 26 (CTK) - President Milos Zeman and chairmen of the Constitutional Court (US), the Supreme Court (NS) and the Supreme Administrative Court (NSS) discussed general judiciary questions at their meeting on Tuesday, US chairman Pavel Rychetsky has told journalists.

Rychetsky and NSS chairman Josef Baxa said no personnel questions had been examined.

The meeting was also attended by NS chairman Pavel Samal.

Rychetsky said it was a good thing that Zeman was relatively well informed about the questions of the judiciary.

"We were trying to complement his viewpoint by that from our side," he added.

They discussed whether the four-tier judiciary system was the optimal model and whether the new government, to be formed by Prime Minister Andrej Babis' ANO and the Social Democrats, could bring any changes to the judiciary.

"We were happy that Zeman supports the establishment of an institution in the form of the supreme judiciary council that might be a partner of other powers in the state," Rychetsky said.

Baxa said they had also spoken about the choice of judges, especially at the start of their career.

"Whether some failures are caused by the low age of the candidates for the posts in the judiciary, whether it is high time to adopt a different model when the people will be chosen who some professional or moral background given, say, by their 20-year practice," he added.

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