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Pirates have new party website showing their accounting

4 July 2018

Prague July 3 (CTK) - The Pirates have launched a new website of their deputy group displaying also the party's and its 22 MPs' income and expenses, next to their current activities, the Pirates told CTK on Tuesday.

"The voters have the right to know what we are working on right now as their representatives, and above all, whether we are fulfilling our pre-election promises. Everyone can look at the Pirates website to see in what stage our programme priorities are which we are dealing with gradually," Pirates chairman Ivan Bartos said.

According to their website, the Pirates had over 7.6 million crowns in their account by mid-May. This was mainly owing to the party contribution of 5.8 million crowns they received from the state early in January.

The group saw the biggest expenses at the close of 2017, some 2.2 million crowns, incurred mostly for office equipment, but also for shirts, a textile wall for presentations and rum for representation purposes. Last month, they also purchased a flag and a picture called 'Skies.'

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