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ČSSD leader: ANO to bear risks with justice minister

10 July 2018

Prague, July 9 (CTK) - The Czech Republic needs a government with confidence and all the risks associated with the nomination of the new justice minister are borne by Prime Minister Andrej Babis's ANO, Interior Minister Jan Hamacek (Social Democrats, CSSD), told journalists on Monday.

Hamacek reacted to the resignation of Justice Minister Tatana Mala (ANO) due to a plagiarism scandal after 13 days in the post earlier on Monday.

Babis said he presumed he would ask President Milos Zeman to entrust him with heading the ministry temporarily instead of Mala.

On Wednesday, the Chamber of Deputies will hold a confidence vote in the minority coalition government of ANO and the CSSD which needs the Communist backing.

CSSD deputy chairman Jaroslav Foldyna said the situation at the Justice Ministry was not normal due to which it should be debated by the CSSD deputy group on Tuesday.

Another Social Democrat deputy chairman, Martin Netolicky, said Mala's resignation was good news for the Czech Republic.

This step increases the likelihood that the new Babis government would gain the confidence of the Chamber of Deputies, Netolicky said.

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