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Prague to ban cyclists in some pedestrian zones in centre

11 July 2018

Prague, July 10 (CTK) - Prague will ban cyclists in selected pedestrian zones in the historical centre from 10:00 to 17:00 and the municipal technical road service (TSK) started placing the respective traffic signs these days.

Their installation is to be completed at the end of July and only then the observance of the ban can be required, TSK spokeswoman Barbora Liskova has told CTK.

The Prague 1 Town Hall leadership pushed through the restrictions for cyclists mainly around the lower part of Wenceslas Square, Republic Square and Old Town Square.

The signs are being placed gradually according to the traffic situation. Besides, the surrounding signs have to be modified accordingly, for instance, those including information on detours, connections to cycling paths and one-way roads, Liskova said.

The changes will apply to almost 100 places, she added.

After all signs are completed and checked, the Prague 1 traffic section and the municipal police will be informed about it.

The Prague 1 district, covering the UNESCO-listed historical centre, argues that the restrictions will increase the safety of pedestrians at frequented places. However, they were broadly criticised.

The Automat association, promoting cycling in Prague, filed a legal complaint against the measures, calling them exaggerated and said the Town Hall had not sufficiently reacted to the received objections and comments.

The Prague 1 received 65 objections and rejected all of them. At the end of May, a court rejected a request for a preliminary measure to postpone the restriction effect.

In reaction to it, the Prague 1 Town Hall announced that it would place the signs for cyclists during this tourist season.

The Prague 1 Council approved the plan before the last summer holiday. It was originally aimed at electric scooters that started to be used in the centre to replace the banned Segway two-wheel electric personal transporters. Now municipal officials speak directly about cyclists threatening pedestrians and say locals have regularly complained about them.

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