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Nečasová appeals verdict over abuse of military intelligence

17 July 2018

Prague, July 16 (CTK) - Jana Necasova (previously Nagyova), the wife of former Czech prime minister Petr Necas and the former head of his office, has appealed the two-year suspended sentence and a five-year professional ban over abuse of the military intelligence service, judge Pavla Hajkova told CTK on Monday.

The rest of the defendants as well as the state attorney and the Defence Ministry, which has the position of the aggrieved party, also appealed the verdict, Hajkova said.

Co-defendants Milan Kovanda, Ondrej Palenik and Jan Pohunek, who received similar sentences, appealed them instantly last November.

Necasova and the intelligence officers plead innocent.

According to the verdict, Necasova, now the wife of Necas (Civic Democratic Party (ODS), conspired for the abuse of power as in 2012 she had given illegal tasks to the intelligence agents who were to shadow Necas's then wife Radka Necasova.

By gaining information about her alleged adultery, she wanted to speed up the divorce of Necas's wife as she "deeply hated her," the verdict said.

Later she also had two employees of the Government Office shadowed.

The scandal contributed to the fall of the Necas' government (ODS) in 2013 .

The state attorney insists on prison sentences.

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