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Pirates want to participate in state administration digitisation

24 July 2018

Prague, July 23 (CTK) - The Pirates want to participate in the Czech state administration digitisation, and therefore they asked PM Andrej Babis in an open letter on Monday to invite their experts to meetings of the Government Council for Information Society (RVIS), Pirate chairman Ivan Bartos has said.

They also asked Babis to provide them with documentation from the RVIS talks.

Babis told CTK that the Pirate Party should turn to government commissioner for IT Vladimir Dzurilla in this respect.

Babis also said ANO had already offered cooperation in the digitisation sphere to the Pirates. "We invited them, but they did not react to this. Now they are doing some PR. They could have been involved long time ago, we asked them to do so," he said.

In the open letter, Bartos also refers to Babis's previous statement about ANO offering cooperation in the introduction of the eGovernment to the Pirates and their refusal. However, Bartos said this was not true.

"You did not give us this possibility or any particular offer within our talks with the ANO movement. We have been negotiating with government IT commissioner Vladimir Dzurilla several times, but he did not invite us to this discussion either," Bartos wrote.

The Pirates now asked for being involved in the project of the state administration digitisation.

"I am asking for our experts to be invited to the RVIS's regular meetings as well as its working groups. We believe that the presence and activity of experts from the Pirate Party will contribute to digitisation of the state administration that is urgently needed," Bartos wrote to Babis.

Babis said the Pirates should turn directly to Dzurilla.

"We will get the Pirate representatives involved in the RVIS working groups, in which documents for the Digital Czech Republic concept are being prepared on a working level. Let them contact council chairman Vladimir Dzurilla in this respect," Babis wrote CTK.

The Pirates want to focus primarily on electronic identity, the introduction of electronic law digests and healthcare digitisation. They are offering experts in the introduction of electronic sick notes and e-prescription. They would also like to take part in the upgrading of state registers.

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