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Prague event protests against discrimination of Roma in Europe

1 August 2018

Prague, July 31 (CTK) - Some 150 people took part in a protest march against violence and discrimination against the Roma community in the Czech Republic, Italy and Ukraine that was held in Prague on Tuesday.

The people gathered at the Letna plain and they walked to the seat of the Ukrainian embassy. Outside the embassy, they read out a statement recalling the violence against Roma people that occurred in Ukraine this year and the repressive steps recently taken by the Italian government.

The protesters called on Czech, Italian and Ukrainian authorities and the EU to face xenophobia and racism.

They gave their manifesto to the charge d'affaires of Ukraine's embassy who assured them that the violent crimes against the Roma would be investigated in Ukraine. "The Ukrainian government condemns all manifestations of racism and xenophobia," he said.

On Monday, representatives of the RomanoNet group gave the same manifesto to the Italian ambassador in Prague.

The speakers at the protest, who included Slovak sociologist Fedor Gal, warned against an upsurge in far-right movements across Europe and they called for solidarity and engagement of the Roma in public life.

The Prague event was part of a broader protest that occurred in nine European countries on the occasion of the anniversary of the liquidation of the so-called gypsy family camp in Oswiecim (Auschwitz).

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