Saturday, 24 August 2019

Vondráček distances himself from ANO MEPs who voted against Hungary

Prague Daily Monitor |
14 September 2018

Radim Vondráček (ANO) the Speaker of the Czech Parliament distanced himself from ANO's 4 MEPs, who broke with party ranks and voted against Hungary in the controversial vote in the European Parliament on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said he would ask MEP's from his party who did so. Out of the 4 MEPs, Pavel Telička and Petr Ježek were voted in on ANO tickets but are no longer officially part of the party, however Dita Chrazanová and Martina Dlabajová continue to be part of the party.

Tomio Okamura, chair of the right-wing SPD, called the move the fatal failure the ANO movement.