Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Parliament committee doesn't recommend lifting MP Zdeněk Ondráček's immunity

Prague Daily Monitor |
26 September 2018

On Tuesday, the Mandate and Immunity Committee of the Chamber of Deputies voted against lifting Communist MP Zdenek Ondracek’s immunity in the defamation case filed against him by former Presidential candidate Michal Horacek. Ondracek accused Horacek of being a collaborator with the secret police (STB) under the previous Communist regime.

Horacek, who denied the claims, filed a criminal defamation cased against Ondracek, necessitating the immunity hearing. Ondracek was allegedly saved by votes from the KSCM, ANO, SPD and TOP 09. The entire house will nonetheless vote upon the matter in October, but it is unlikely that the chamber will go against the recommendation of the committee.