Friday, 19 July 2019

Praha sobě, Pirates and TOP 09 led alliance in talks to form Prague gov't

Prague Daily Monitor |
9 October 2018

Citizen's movement Praha sobě, the Pirates and the Spojené síly alliance (TOP 09, STAN and others) are currently in talks to form government in Prague. Though the ODS won Prague by a whisker, City hall is pretty evenly split, with the ODS having 14 seats, ANO who was last, having 12, and the rest having 13 each.

Discussions continued on Monday as the parties explored coalitions and looked at aligning agendas. The major point of contention being the post of mayor, with Jan Čižinský of Praha sobě, claiming that he, who received the most preferential votes in the city, should be mayor, while the Pirates who got more votes overall, also claimed the post.