Wednesday, 29 July 2020 and Expat Meet-up

Prague TV |
17 July 2019

We are happy to invite you to the July Meetup - a monthly get together for expats organized by Foreigners Prague and Prague TV as a co-organizer. The event will happen on Thursday, July 18th, definitely having a friendly atmosphere, great icebreaker activities and networking for everyone!

So, if you are:

New in the town
Excited to get to know other foreigners nearby
Fancying a chat with your fellow expats or locals
Eager to share an experience with others and learn new things
Wanting to practice Czech or meet somebody from your home country
Simply wanting to have FUN

Come and join us to experience a unique multicultural atmosphere, have a chat over a mug of beer, expand your network, share experiences, and have fun with icebreaker games! A special offer for Karaoke is also available only for the participants!

Paul, one of the owners of Prague.TV, will be coming for the first time to this event and sharing his experience as a foreigner living in Prague! Also, he is open for questions regarding lifestyle and content opportunities at Prague.TV. Don’t miss this chance to build your network and meet him in person! Paul has over 12 years of experience working all over the CIS and CEE region. Networking and learning from fellow business people, listening for new opportunities or just having a good laugh are all on his things to do list. Also, he is a living proof that there is no worry to come to the MeetUp for the first time. All expats, or future expats, are welcomed!

The event is FREE entry, a non-smoking environment, and no registration is required. Whether you are a student, employee, business person, parents with kids, or a tourist, you are welcome to come and enjoy the evening with us! The event will be held at The Mask, Beer & Wine restaurant (tram stop Karlovo náměstí). You can find more information here!