Tuesday, 28 July 2020

From our readers: Earthquake? No, demolition

Prague Daily Monitor |
29 July 2019

A Prague Monitor reader shares his experience with last week's demolition of a four-storey building in Prague 5 where he lives.

This is Prague at work yesterday (Wednesday, July 24) - safely and within EU guidelines - NOT. Living locally to 340 Smichov Praha 5, I was worried as the building I was in shook and furniture moved. I seriously thought it was an earthquake. God knows what these idiots have caused in terms of structural damage to adjacent buildings. The building movement and dust has been incredible. There were neighbours on the street from different buildings, to mine worried and complaining to the police who stated to me "We cannot do anything, we are just traffic police". I had to leave my flat when the demolition company just decided to take a four storey building down in a most unusual and dangerous manner.