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Don't Miss: Tea, wine and film noir

By Narmin Ismiyeva | Prague Daily Monitor |
23 August 2019

MOVIES: Noir Film Festival
Throughout the weekend, Křivoklát Castle will turn into a nine centuries-old cinema, where the best noir movies will be screened. Since its debut in 2013, this festival is aiming to bring the genre of noir closer to the local audience. Some of the movies will be shown in the Czech Republic for the first time.
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FESTIVALS: Čajomír Tea Festival
All tea lovers are invited to participate in this large-scale tea ceremony that will be held in Vyšehrad on Saturday and Sunday. Inspired by Korean tea festivals, Čajomír is dedicated to teas, tea-drinking culture and traditions from all over the world.
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TASTING: Wine Festival and Summer Street Food Fest
On Saturday, two different shores of Vltava will host two different festivals. Náplavka at
Rašínovo embankment will become a venue for a Wine Festival, where Moravian and foreign vendors will be offering wines from small winemakers. At the same time, at Smíchovská Náplavka (Hořejší nábřeží), a Summer Street Food festival will take place. It will feature dishes from different parts of the world, including Asian and African delicacies.
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PERFORMANCE: Great Swing Night
The venue of this event, Klub Lávka located in the close vicinity to Charles Bridge, offers a magnificent view of Prague Castle. With this beautiful scenery in the background, the visitors can become a part of a colorful show that will take place on Sunday. The program will include the well-known compositions by Duke Ellington and Bing Crosby as well as recently popular songs in swing adaptation.
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MUSIC: Heyme at Bar/ák
A concert of a multi-instrumentalist, Heyme, whose music touches the genres of rock, jazz, and avant-garde. Heyme, as he describes himself, “Picked up a trumpet in 1978, followed by a guitar in 1984 (which I painted pink), tenor sax in 1992”. Free admission.
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