Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Pepper de Callier: Things to Think About

Prague Leadership Institute |
2 September 2019

"Live as if you were already living for a second time and as if you had made the mistake you are about to make now."  Viktor Frankl

Author, psychoanalyst and philosopher, Dr. Viktor Frankl was a giant in the field of studying the human condition and the causal connection we have to the outcomes of our life. I quote him frequently and cite his studies in my work with leaders, because of his peerless ability to reach us with his common-sense wisdom in words we can all understand. What is the message of this quote for you? For me, it says, “Hey, stop for a second and think about this. Think about the obvious as well as the unintended consequences of what you are about to do. Get beyond the immediate emotional gratification of doing it now and try to understand it first. Take a breath. Then act.”

Good luck on your journey!