Monday, 21 September 2020

Babis to invite Ukrainian delegation to Prague for Visegrad 4 summit

Prague Daily Monitor |
19 November 2019

Andrej Babis said that he planned on inviting Ukrainian President Volodynyr Zelinsky and Oleksiy Honcharuk to Prague for an upcoming Visegrad 4 summit. Babis mentioned the planned invitations Monday night at Vaclav Havel Airport while preparing to fly to Kyiv.

When asked what was the reason for the journey, Babis responded it was business and did not want to talk about political comments. Babis assured reporters that the Czechia supports Ukrainian territorial integrity, sovereignty and unity. Basis added that he will see if the President and Premier of Ukraine will have the appetite to accept the invitations.

The Visegrad 4 countries include Hungary, which has a “delicate” relationship with Ukraine. The tensions are mainly due to Ukraine’s passing of “Ukrainian only” language laws and Ukrainian human rights lapses of non-ethnic Ukrainians in certain regions. The Ukrainian government suspects illegal intervention by Hungary in aiding ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine to get Hungarian passports. Babis concluded that there are things that could be discussed.

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