Friday, 18 September 2020

STEM: ANO would overwhelmingly win an election

Prague Daily Monitor |
11 December 2019

In the November poll political party ANO increased its portion of the voter pie by 1.8% to 34.9% of voters. The lead is growing as the next best parties Pirates and ODS would only 10.9% and 10.6% respectively. Losing voter interest are the left parties and the new TRIKOLORA party launched by Klaus junior.

The poll was conducted around the time of the Million Moments Letna demonstrations, but before the most recent news about the EU audit finding Babiš in a conflict of interest.

The STEM polled 1111 people between November 14th and 26th. There is a margin of error of 2%. 60% of voters planned on voting with 18% remaining undecided and 22% not interested.