Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Happy New Year from the Prague Monitor!

Prague Daily Monitor |
31 December 2019

The festive atmosphere is in the air. Increased traffic at the local supermarkets, empty office buildings, a blast of cold air and New Year’s Eve is upon us. After the family Christmas time comes the wild New Year’s celebrations. It’s the one opportunity a year where one can put the past year’s issues behind and use the reset of the calendar to start clean-slate. What more can we ask for?

There are many activities that can be done: clubs, restaurants, mountain retreats or any other of the thousands of offers on sale. Vaclavske Namesti will be off the wall as usual. Everywhere will be packed and the fireworks will start early. For a nation that claims to be low-income labor for Western Europe there seems to be no budget for the fireworks.

Celebrators will be firing them at crowds, in the air, or across the park at their favorite neighbor’s flat. Buyer beware, a few residents lose limbs and such to misjudging the explosives strength and wick length.

Your Prague Monitor team wish you all safe and happy celebrations, whatever they may be. We hope you meet the boy of your dreams, drink the right amount of booze, dance like a superstar and sing like a Bluebird; or simply spend the evening surrounded by the people you love.

Let 2020 be the year that fulfills all of our dreams and be as interesting as those before it!