Friday, 7 August 2020

Zaorálek will offer the government options for new library: Will the Blob return?

Prague Daily Monitor |
8 January 2020

The Blob library building plan was very controversial already back in 2005, and ever since. The Prague Monitor covered this story many times as the idea refused to die. Most recently in 2017:

Prague’s government, flush with cash and ambitious Pirates, will reopen the debate for a library, and the Blob architect’s Jan Kaplicky’s wife has said she would transfer the rights and plans to the project to the government if requested. But that is not on the Minister of Culture Lubomir Zaoralek’s (CSSD) agenda at the moment.

The agenda is the same as in 2005. There is a capacity issue and the current library will run out of space by 2040. Currently Zaoralek is in discussions with Zdenek Hrib (Pirates) about possible locations. It is too early to speculate on possible solutions. Or are politicians just keeping the public in the dark about the return of the Blob part X?

The original debacle which started in 2005 moved forward with an international architecture contest, won by Jan Kaplicky, a location was chosen (Letna Park) and the great Blob was uncovered. It was so controversial and overpowering, that even after the state invested a huge sum of money and time into the project, it was abandoned. The financial crisis also helped with the decision as the Top 09 government cut budgets as revenues collapsed. The state chose to instead renovate and expand the current sites. Since then, the Blob has resurfaced regularly and no doubt it will surface again during this library project circle.