Tuesday, 23 June 2020

STEM: ANO party stays ahead of the field

Prague Daily Monitor |
15 January 2020

The STEM December political poll came out with a common result: ANO remains by far the most popular single party in the Czech political scene. The STEM poll showed that 33.6% of decided voters would choose to vote for ANO in parliamentary elections. Klaus Jr.’s political party Tricolour had the worst result, falling to .5% of the decided voters.

In poll also registered a near tie with the Pirate Party and ODS, each accounting for 12.3% of decided voter’s votes. Only 54% of voters were ready to decide and vote. Undecided voters were a full 21% of the polled group whereas 25% of those polled did not care to vote at all. The masses were in the Christmas mood.

Changes from November in the major parties where within 1% of November’s numbers, with the exceptions seeing 2% points in change.

Communists were chosen by 8.2% of those polled, CSSD came in at only 6.4%. The field was rounded out by KDU-CSL at 6.4% and Top 09 increased their share to 5.8%, a large increase from the 3.7% in November. Top 09 named a new Chairman Marketa Pekarova Adamova in late November, the dynamic young women, only 35 years of age, also being the only female party leader in the group. The increase in voter support will be a good boost of confidence and promise for the rising political star. Lastly STAN drew 5.5% of the potential decisive voters.