Sunday, 29 November 2020

Schools will remain closed across the Czech Republic

Prague Daily Monitor |
29 October 2020

On Tuesday, the government met to agree on postponing reopening schools of all levels, including primary school facilities. The Minister of Health, Roman Prymula, officially declared this decision during the press conference, even though he earlier suggested that something as extraordinary as having a nuclear power plant explode would have to happen for such a turn of events.

According to the original plan, pupils were supposed to return to school on Monday, November 2nd. Yet, because of the worsening epidemiological situation, it is not anymore possible. The schools (with the exception of kindergartens and special education facilities) were shut down and switched to distance learning on October 14th.

The government is planning to decide when the schools should re-open at the end of the week. However, according to Robert Plaga, the minister of Education, the government had to make the decision regarding the primary school students much sooner than at the end of the week allowing the parents to make the necessary arrangements. Therefore, the general outcome of the meeting was announced on Tuesday.

Originally, Prymula suggested that first degree students from the lower school should almost definitely return on Monday, November 2nd.

"There may be a situation where a nuclear power plant explodes here and then probably they will not return, but I firmly believe that in all normal situations they will return," he said, reports.