Wednesday, 19 September 2018
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Jarmila Vedralová, the new head of the government anti-drug council is against the Pirate Party's suggestion to legalise and decriminalise the use of marijuana. She told Právo in an interview on Monday, that she supported the medical use of the drug, but was against any attempt to make it more accessible to the public.

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Czech politicians have missed Friday's deadline on passing a controversial EU amendment to its directive on the control of the acquisition and possession of weapons.

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Pravo reported over the weekend that Czech soldiers posted in Afghanistan as part of the NATO mission in Bagram, would no longer be active on the frontline in dangerous forward positions.

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The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don't tell you what to see. A good coach, like a good teacher, realizes that learning is best when it is fueled by self-discovery and personal engagement.

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Heard the one about the Czech firm that's back from the brink? After Škoda's rebirth comes a two-wheel success story.

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Major beer companies and breweries in the Czech Republic have signalled increases in prices of their products in the near future. Citizens of one of the world's biggest beer drinking countries might need to dip slightly deeper into their pockets to enjoy their nation's signature beverage.

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The decade-long Opencard saga is still not over. The High Court has overturned the convictions against two former Prague mayors, Bohuslav Svoboda (ODS) and Tomáš Hudeček (formerly TOP 09), and three other former officials.

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Hospodarske Noviny reports that a Czech built hospital in Goroka a provincial capital in Papua New Guinea opened this week.

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Police in Znojmo were called in by angry neighbours to shut down a techno birthday party that took place in Unanov near Znojmo on Saturday night, after over 700 guests showed up.

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Czech Television and reported that the Prague higher court cancelled a verdict issued against former Prague mayors Tomáš Hudeček and Bohuslav Svoboda in the Opencard case, and returned the case to the lower courts.

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Czech online grocer Rohlí has made a pledge to get rid of all single-use plastics by the end of the year. The shop has also introduced a filter option which allows its customers to buy only plastic-free products, spokesman Pavel Kučera said on Wednesday.

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Recent statistics published by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade, rank the foreign countries which invest in the Czech Republic, according to the number of registered entrepreneurs. The top three were Ukraine, followed closely by Vietnam and Slovakia.

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Police in Ostrava have launched an investigation after one person died and several more were poisoned after taking a synthetic drug similar to marijuana. While arrests have been made, it is unclear how many doses of the drug may be in circulation in the city.

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Radim Vondráček (ANO), the Speaker of the Czech Parliament, distanced himself from ANO's four MEPs, who broke with party ranks and voted against Hungary in the controversial vote in the European Parliament on Wednesday.

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Lidové noviny reports that the Prague transit company (DPP) is trialling new radio equipment in metro tunnels that will allow for mobile phone reception on certain sections of the C (Red) metro line in the next few weeks.