Saturday, 14 September 2019
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Security concerns in Poland and the Czech Republic over telecoms equipment made by Huawei Technologies have not had a significant business impact despite creating uncertainty, a deputy head of central Europe and the Nordics said.

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The Czech unemployment rate stagnated in August and the number of vacancies increased further to a new record high. However, we think unemployment has reached close to its lowest point.

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The Krušnohor Apartment and Construction Cooperative is now without any top management. All seven members of the board of the Ústecký Region's biggest housing cooperative have been removed from the Commercial Register by the court.

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Following in the footsteps of Limebike electric scooters, Homeport Freebikes, and shared Rekola bikes, the Škoda Auto car manufacturer is launching its own service of shared electric scooters in Prague. The company is placing 50 electric scooters imported from Spain in the broad city centre and would like to see their number triple in the near future. In addition to electric scooters, the Škoda car maker also supports car sharing services, operating the student service Uniqway and HoppyGo.

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Just as in many other countries in the world the Czech online scene is filled with hateful comments and disinformation posing as news. The authors of this material are commonly referred to as "trolls" and their influence is increasingly seen as dangerous and divisive, potentially working on behalf of foreign actors. While this may be true in some cases it seems that the majority of the Czech troll scene is actually made up of individuals who do so voluntarily.

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A joint campaign has been announced between Brno Airport and, the leading Brno based online travel company. The first campaign is promoting Brno as an attractive destination to more than three million people. The launch meeting also highlighted that in July the airport handled a record 117,255 passengers.

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"Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose." Steve Jobs's quote is a chilling reminder of the importance of perspective, honest reflection, and a sense of urgency as we chart the course of our lives.

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In Prague, a monument to wartime Soviet commander Ivan Stepanovich Konev is the target of a heated debate. Residents have covered the statue with graffiti and splattered it with paint, while others lay flowers at the marshal's feet. According to one historian, the dispute over Konev's historical role points to deep divisions in contemporary politics.

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An archaeological survey has just confirmed that human remains were buried in the vicinity of the existing memorial to Holocaust victims of Romani origin at Lety u Písku. According to Lucie Horáková, the spokesperson for the Museum of Romani Culture, which administers the memorial, the findings will now be researched. She said there is a high probability that they belong to a victim of the camp.

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Dishonest exchange offices are vanishing from city property, but still can be found on private property, Prague City Hall has closed 11 exchange offices so far. This includes offices that were recently shuttered in Old Town Square, Můstek, and Wenceslas Square.

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Who buys the most drugs from the darknet? Who feels guiltiest after a night out? And which country's citizens consume the most pot? All of these questions and more were part of the eighth annual Global Drug Survey (GDS), which compiled data from 123,814 people living in 30 countries to analyze patterns of drug and alcohol use worldwide.

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News server reports that the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem, responding to an appeal by the Czech prosecutor, has overturned the first-instance acquittal of Vítězslav Kroupa for posting hateful comments online beneath a photograph of a first-grade class in Teplice, apparently because of the children's non-"white" appearance. The lower court acquitted him by ruling that it had not been proven that Kroupa himself had authored the comment.

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The Czech Finance Ministry submitted plans to start taxing global internet giants from the middle of 2020, proposing a 7% rate on targeted advertising, multilateral digital interface use and user data sales, it said on Thursday. The ministry has been working up plans on a digital tax this year and confirmed on Thursday the charge would be aimed at firms with global revenue over EUR 750 million annually and CZK 50 million in the Czech market.

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The sales of energy drinks in the Czech Republic have been booming in recent years. In 2018, the market with energy drinks increased by 2.4 billion crowns, the website reported on Thursday. The results were published by the company Al-Namura, producer of the Big Shock! energy drink.

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Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has scolded Politico for publishing what he said was old and unconfirmed information about a potential rule-of-law portfolio for the Czech Commission candidate Věra Jourová. But he did say this portfolio would be a prestigious one.