Sunday, 24 March 2019
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Journalists at Le Monde are working to prevent Czech energy billionaire Daniel Kretinsky from taking control of the iconic publication, widely considered to be France's newspaper of record. A deal is being hammered out among shareholders and representatives for the publisher and editorial staff, unnamed sources told the Financial Times.

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According to a recent survey by the STEM/MARK agency two out of three Czechs say waiters must earn their tip, but only one in five people leave the customary ten percent of the bill. So are waiters rude and unwilling because Czechs are skimpy or are Czechs skimpy because waiters don't give proper service?

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The Czech Republic will end the emergency inspection measures against imports of Polish beef March 25, if Poland fulfills its promises to both Prague and the European Commission that it will take new safety measures.

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Jiří Švachula has four properties sealed by police as more details emerge of the identities of those taken into custody in connection with the corruption scandal at Brno-Střed City Hall.

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Czech Television reports that 40 parties and alliances registered to field candidates in the upcoming European Parliamentary elections, up one from the previous time. The elections will take place on May 24th and 25th.

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Czech Television reports that President Milos Zeman who is currently visiting different parts of the country, called Turkey a de facto ally of the terror organisation, the Islamic State.

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Czech Television reports that the number of people getting tested to see if they still have antibodies to measles, has increased rapidly in the past weeks. Similarly, the number of people taking the vaccine has also increased.

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Both industrial production and construction have been weakening since beginning of this year. Industrial production contracted by 1.1% and construction by 13.2% year-on-year in January 2019, according to data by the Czech Statistics Office (CSO) published on March 15.

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Czech central bank Vice-Governor Marek Mora sees up to one interest rate increase in 2019 although the next move will not come when policymakers meet this month, he was quoted as saying on Tuesday.

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Avast's debut on the London Stock Exchange last year was hailed as a victory for the UK technology market. After years without any major tech listings on the LSE, the Czech firm's record-breaking USD 3bn IPO was a welcome change for the sector.

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Czech Television reports that the Energy Regulatory Authority (ERÚ), issued a record CZK 4 million fine, to energy company Stabil Energy, for unfair commercial practices. The ERÚ fined Stabil Energy for committing 1179 offences, including charging customers for services without valid contracts and transferring customers to itself, without their signed approval.

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Czech Television reports that the Ministry of Agriculture will stop the blanket checking meat being imported from Poland, as of Monday, March 25th, 2019. This was announced after Miroslav Toman, the Minister, met with his Polish counterpart Jan Krzysztof Arnadnowski in Brussels, on Monday.

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Czech travel agencies have noted a steady rise in clients over the age of sixty, reflecting increased spending power among seniors looking to enjoy – in many cases – a long overdue foreign holiday. With the population rapidly ageing, this demographic will be an ever-greater part of agencies' clientele. And a demanding one, at that.

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Wikipedia wants to protest against the forthcoming EU copyright reform. The Czech version of Wikipedia (česká Wikipedie) will not work for one day: this coming Thursday. Major Czech media reported about the interruption on Monday morning.

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As businesses struggle to remain or become competitive in a world that seems to nurture disruption, like it or not, there is an accelerating need and awareness of interdependence. Things are happening at such speed and in such volume that we need each other's help to connect the dots in a timely way.