Monday, 18 November 2019
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The launch of the new electronic toll system on Czech highways at the beginning of December can cause major traffic disruptions, the toll operator Czech Toll/Sky Toll has warned. Traffic jams of up to 40 kilometres are expected in some parts of the country, especially at border crossings, when the new toll system goes into operation.

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Czechs are more satisfied with their lives than the average European Union citizen, according to EU statistical arm Eurostat. They were also generally pleased with their financial situations and relationships.

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Workers in the automotive and construction industries spend an average of 16 days per year off work due to sickness; managers, on the other hand, are off sick about 5% less often than manual workers, according to a 2018 study from consulting and research firm PwC.

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The Prague Area Transportation Authority issued some minor changes in the running of the system this weekend. On Saturday, in order to adjust for the Letna demonstrations scheduled to begin around 14:00, there will be more metro trains running.

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The city of Česká Lípa has given up on building a childrens playground in a residential part of the city. The Deputy Major of the city Martin Broz said that whenever there was work done to progress the childrens playground, a youth gang would totally destroy it by the next day. After several attempts, the city gave up.

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Three decades after staging mass protests that freed them from communism, Czechs and Slovaks are hitting the streets again, bitter over pervasive corruption and politicians with roots in that era.

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The Czech Republic's humanitarian aid with Build Change and its nonprofit partners to improve the local capacity of shelter response programs following Typhoon Ompong (international code name Mangkhut) successfully concluded on September 30.

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The Minister of Defense Lubomír Metnar informed the public in a press conference Tuesday that the purchase of 8 UH-1Y Venom and 4 AH-1Z Viper helicopters has been finalized and approved. The price includes the ammunition systems, ammunition, maintenance and training of staff. Metnar went on to add that due to the transparent negotiation, the team managed a CZK 14.6 billion price tag, which is identical to the price paid by the USA military.

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After 20 years of fighting for recognition, the Czech Association of gardeners, with its over 140 thousand members, together with a group of supporters from political parties ANO, KSČM, ČSSD, Piráti and Starostové may finally have their activities recognized by law.

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Škoda Auto has unveiled the latest version of its best-selling Octavia model, due to roll out on the domestic market by year's end, in time for the model's 60th anniversary. The company says it aims to sell over 25,000 new Octavia on the Czech market in 2020.

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A meeting of the Visegrad 4 nations, made up of Czechia, Slovakia, Poland and Hungray, with the World Health Organization, met in Prague Tuesday and concluded that they could join together to negotiate better prices for their citizen's drug needs.

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Prague can now boast of housing one of the two highest rated office buildings in terms of sustainability in Europe, according to the available data. The new Praga Studios building in Pernerova street in Karlín obtained the LEED Platinum certification for Core & Shell with 97 points.

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Czech inflation stagnated in annual terms in October, in line with market estimates and just slightly below the central bank forecast. For the whole year, it will reach 2.8% - the highest figure since 2012.

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The Edwards Award and the Atlas Copco Services Award recognise the best technical and economic diploma theses from Czech students. The award ceremony took place in Spielberk Business Park last week. The winners received a total of CZK 62,000 in prize money. Photo: The winners of the Edwards Award and the Atlas Copco Services Award.

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The number of hotel guests rose by 3.1 percent year-on-year to 17.3 million people from January through September, with Czechs accounting for 9 million of that figure, according to the Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ).