Saturday, 20 January 2018
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As of the start of 2018, a new amendment to the Food Act came into effect in the Czech Republic, requiring all supermarkets over 400 square metres to donate unsold but still consumable food to charities. The main aim of the new regulation is to reduce food waste.

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The governor of the Czech National Bank has received one of the most prestigious awards in the sector – the title of European bank governor of the year from The Banker magazine. Jiří Rusnok was given the award for dropping the low crown regime and trying to put a lid on a domestic real estate bubble. Rusnok's predecessor, Miroslav Singer, received the same award in 2014 after launching the so-called low crown policy.

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The Czech Republic's state budget ended 2017 with a deficit of CZK 6.2 billion. The result was the second best figure in the past two decades, the finance ministry said on Wednesday. According to the resort, the deficit was caused mainly by slower drawing of EU funds.

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In recent years, Czech two way trade with the United Kingdom has advanced by leaps and bound. The country was already the fourth biggest Czech trade partner two years ago in 2015. But the current trading environment for Czechs in Britain is a tough one.

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The Czech National Bank has issued an initial decision to reject a request by Chinese investment group CEFC to raise its stake in Czech-based privately held J&T Finance Group (JTFG) to 50 percent from 9.9 percent, a source with knowledge of the process said on Wednesday.

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The Canadian Chamber of Commerce organizes the traditional New Year Party on Tuesday, January 16. In addition to excellent food and ambiance of the hotel Savoy the guests will be able to taste fine wines, excellent Swiss coffee and liquers.

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Assuming that, by 18 January, you will have fully recovered from your hangover and any other deleterious effects of the holiday season, why not join us for ABIE's January event?

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The Nordic Chamber of Commerce and the British Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic invite you to attend the event January Defrost Party. Let's defrost and taste Nordic & British cultures for the very first time in the history!

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The Czech Post will change the rates of some services starting Feb. 1. The price of ordinary letters weighing up to 50 grams will increase by CZK 3 going up to CZK 19 from the current CZK 16. Postage for recommended letters up to 50 grams will increase by CZK 6 to CZK 44.

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More than 94 percent of Czechs admit to, at one time or another, having flirted at work. Polls also suggest that often flirting turns into short-lived romances or extramarital affairs.

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The Czech Republic will seek compensation for the damage it suffered in the fraudulent privatisation of the MUS coal-mining company, the Finance Ministry said after the Swiss supreme court accepted a Czech appeal in the case on Friday.

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Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to achieve it. Like so much of what the Dalai Lama says, it's subtle and simple, but profound. Stop and think about it for a moment and what it says about someone.

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The pensions in the Czech Republic will be growing this year faster than in the past years because the calculation of their indexation will change and as of the beginning of next year, they will be increased by one-half of the growth in real wages instead of the current one-third and by the inflation rate.

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As Czechs hit the shops with a vengeance for the traditional post-Christmas and New Year sales, retailers are expecting record profits. But consumer protection experts warn than not all buys are as advantageous as they are made out to be. Even so, consumers are expected to take the shops by storm and retailers are gearing up for an end of year sales figure of around forty billion crowns, which is a seven billion increase compared to 2016.