Monday, 23 July 2018
Finance | Brno Daily

The Czech crown has opened the week with a slight recovery after dropping to its lowest value of 2018 last week. The latest exchange rate forecast published by the central bank in May 2018 predicts that the crown will strengthen to 24.6 per euro by the end of this year.

Finance | ČTK

Czech trade unions have reservations about the new government's policy statement and want it to be changed, union leader Josef Středula said on Monday, criticising the plan to separate the pension system account from the state budget and the missing plan to raise the subsistence level.

Business | Radio Prague

This summer, aphids – those small, sap-sucking insects which infest potatoes and other key agricultural crops – have been appearing on Czech farms in alarming numbers. While drought is a factor, efforts to save the honeybee are also behind the infestations.

Business | Industry Europe

Czech Railways (ČD) has awarded a EUR 115m contract to a consortium comprised of Škoda and Siemens, which will see the joint venture manufacture 50 Viaggio Comfort passenger cars for the Czech Republic's main railway operator.

Business | Radio Prague

The number of dollar millionaires in the Czech Republic has increased to 28,140, which is an increase of nearly 11 per cent on the previous year, according to figures released by the consultancy Capgemini on Monday.

Business | Radio Prague

The Czech external trade balance in goods ended in a surplus of 6.9 billion crowns in May, down 8.2 billion crowns in annual terms, according to preliminary data published by the Czech Statistical Office on Monday.

Business | NPR

Many oncology patients swear off alcohol during treatment, but in the Czech Republic, where beer is the national beverage, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy have a new option.

Business | Prague Leadership Institute

The 20th century was all about Boss Development and extolling the virtues of intelligence and expertise. Fortunately, many are now realizing that these things can become quickly toxic if they are not balanced with common sense.

Business | Globes

Czech-European investment bank Benson Oak is setting up a new venture capital fund specifically for investments in Israel. The fund has already raised USD 25 million and Benson Oak plans to raise USD 100 million for it during the year.

Business | Forbes

Time is always said to be of the essence, but for the producers of Czech "gold" - beer - they know that it takes the time that other European beer producers fail to allow.

Business | Radio Prague

The Czech Republic boasts a relatively high number of swimming pools per capita. However, most are loss-making and many municipalities are looking to replace aging pools with more attractive water parks, the business daily E15 reported.

Business | Prague TV

Emirates has launched a second daily flight between Dubai and Prague, to meet the increasing demand. The flight is operated by a Boeing 777-300ER with a capacity of 360 seats.

Business | Reuters

The Czech crown fell to a near 11-month low against the euro on Tuesday, succumbing to selling pressure in emerging markets less than a week after a central bank interest rate hike.

Business | Radio Prague

The Czech state-owned passenger train operator České dráhy has signed a contract with Siemens-Škoda Transportation to supply 50 passenger cars to operate on long-distance lines.

Business | Radio Prague

An inspection conducted by the Czech Trade Inspection Office at the end of the school year has found that the majority of stores violated the law by selling alcohol to minors.