Tuesday, 18 September 2018
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A revved-up Czech economy is pointing to an interest rate hike as soon as this month and another possible move before the end of the year, central bank Governor Jiri Rusnok said in an interview with Reuters.

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Transport Minister Dan Ťok (ANO) suggested to Czech Television that the D52 highway connecting Brno to Vienna via Mikulov and the D3 highway connecting Prague to Linz via České Budějovice would be completed in the next six to seven years.

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Czechs will soon have to fork out more for the nation's most popular alcoholic beverage. Large breweries have announces a rise in beer prices as of October and others are waiting for the price of hops and malt to stabilize before making a similar announcement. A drought in central Europe this summer has seen the production of the famous Czech hops that give local brews their distinctive flavours drop by around 30 percent. To what extent this may affect the price of hops is not yet clear.

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Hospodářské noviny reports that the government is making a serious attempt to change the regulatory requirements for new construction and make things faster from the current 40 to 60 required permissions and multi-year process.

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According to the recent data published by the Czech Statistical Office, the second quarter of 2018 saw a further increase in the average gross monthly nominal wage for full-time employees. With the 2.3% increase in consumer prices, the growth of average wages was at a rate of 6.2% in real terms.

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The Czech central bank has some room to tighten monetary policy in the short term, although it should be done with a lot of caution, a board member was quoted as saying by Bloomberg news agency on Tuesday.

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The fifth edition of the most exciting career fair for expatriate job seekers in Prague is coming in November.

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JobSpin.cz Multilingual Job Fair takes place October 6 at the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University. It's perfect for candidates with excellent language skills and international education or work experience.

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Transportation minister Dan Tok's (ANO) diktat to the new supervisory board at Czech Railways did not go unheeded, as the board pushed out Pavel Krtek as chairman of the board of directors and replaced him with the board member for technology, service and assets, Miroslav Kupec, at its meeting on Tuesday.

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A multi-party caucus of politicians has signed their support for a proposal by MP Patrik Nacher (ANO) to change the law passed by the previous government that required large shops and wholesalers with outlets bigger that 200 m2 to close on certain public holidays.

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The national police in coordination with the fire department and emergency held the largest ever counter-terror exercise in Prague's Congress Hall at Vysehrad on Tuesday.

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At its last August meeting, Brno City Council approved the updated Territorial Energy Plan for the City of Brno. The aim was to find solutions to ensure the security of the city's energy supply, improve the economy of energy use, and promote the sustainable development of energy in the coming years.

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Lidové noviny reports that politician Václav Klaus Jr., intends to submit a draft law to parliament later this year that upholds the freedom of expression, and will prevent Facebook from blocking posts that it deems contrarian.

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Korean Air announced that starting Oct. 29, 2018, it will fly a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner between Prague and Seoul. The aircraft is configured for 269 passengers in three classes.

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Thomas Archer Bata is in charge of global marketing for the Bata shoe company, which has more than 5,000 stores in over 70 countries all around the globe. He is the only member of the Bata family working at the famous firm, which his great-grandfather, Tomáš Baťa, founded in the Moravian town of Zlín at the end of the 19th century.