Tuesday, 18 June 2019
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A recent conference on business and investment opportunities in Africa organized by the Czech Foreign Ministry, focused on innovative forms of investment and modern technologies. Deputy Foreign Minister Martin Tlapa talks about the opportunities opening up, the risks involved and what the Czech government is doing to help Czech businesses establish themselves on African markets.

Business | Radio Prague

Czech breweries exported a record 5.16 million hectolitres of beer last year, an increase of over 11 percent in 2018, the Czech Beer and Malt Association reported this week. For the first time in history, the volume of beer in tanks and kegs surpassed bottled and canned beer.

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"In great affairs men show themselves as they wish to be seen; in small things they show themselves as they are." The "great affairs" Chamfort talks about are generally public meetings and presentations, which can shed some light on a person's character, but the things I look for are how someone treats a waiter, or a shop assistant.

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The Czech National Bank has made changes allowing it to start using China's yuan as a reserve currency in the future, giving it a further investment outlet for its increased foreign exchange holdings, it said on Thursday.

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This year marks Tatra's centennial, which will be celebrated by the Tatra Museum, located in Kopřivnice, during the city's Engineering Days celebration, June 8-9, and will feature vintage Tatra automobiles as well as the big trucks, fire-fighting equipment, farming vehicles and even cranes produced by the company.

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The new installation, entitled "Kam kráčíš, Brno" (Where are you going, Brno?) will feature a series of exhibitions, lectures, workshops and themed walks, focused on the future of Brno and its residents. The festival will last until June 16.

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Central European currencies recovered some ground on Thursday, getting a reprieve from recent weakness linked to global trade war worries, while shares in Czech utility CEZ continued a two-day rally.

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In both 2016 and 2017, the Czech Republic was crowned the most liberal nation in Europe by the Nanny State Index, a measurement of regulations surrounding alcohol, e-cigarettes, tobacco, and food & soft drinks. This year, however, Germany has displaced the Czech Republic as the EU's most free nation according to the 2019 Nanny State Index.

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Corporate catering businesses are on the rise in the Czech Republic, with more and more fast food chains and food retailers delivering their products directly to companies, the news site e15 reports. In-office catering is mainly intended for business meetings or trainings but it is also used as one of the benefits for employees.

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The Czech Republic has been making a big push to move away from plastic waste in recent years, with the Czech Ministry of the Environment introducing official measures to reduce plastic bags. Now, one of the Czech Republic's largest chain of drugstores is testing the sale of packaging-free washing liquids.

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Country-wide protests continue weekly, as demonstrators show their dissatisfaction with Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, and the changes in the Czech government – specifically, the appointment of a new Minister of Justice, Marie Benešová.

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Refilling Czech state strategic crude oil stocks after an outage of the Druzhba pipeline will take about half a year, state reserves chief Pavel Svagr said on Wednesday, according to news agency CTK.

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If you have been to Dubai Opera, the spectacular light installations must definitely have caught your eye. Curated by master Czech glass and lighting brand Lasvit, every installation is one-of-a-kind.

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The possible introduction of a sector tax on banks in the Czech Republic would lead to a knock-on increase in the cost of financial products, according to an analysis conducted by the Centre for Economic and Market Analyses (CETA) published on Tuesday. This would mainly concern higher mortgage rates and more expensive loans for entrepreneurs, the study found.

Finance | Brno Daily

The tax rises, announced by Finance Minister Alena Schillerová on Monday, are part of a package of new measures designed to curb the use of dangerous and unhealthy products, while simultaneously raising revenue for the government.