Sunday, 2 December 2018

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Gruesome discovery of Czech tiger farm exposes illegal trade in heart of Europe

The Guardian |
20 November 2018

A haul of fresh pelts and rotting remains marks the end of a five-year probe into an international crime ring. Authorities fear it points to a wider problem in Europe.

From a Czech warehouse to a street near you: the journey of a gun

The Guardian |
19 November 2018

On the outskirts of Hlučín, beside a sports bar and pizza joint, is a two-storey warehouse increasingly familiar to British criminals and police. Here, a short stroll from the rolling farmland of the eastern Czech Republic, is the portentously titled Bullet Project, owned by the local weapons supplier Balistas.

'A very different world' - inside the Czech spying operation on Trump

The Guardian |
30 October 2018

Files reveal Trump was the target of an extensive spying operation in the late 1980s by the country's intelligence service, with 'friends' from the KGB.

Stalin rubble throws into focus Czechs' 20th-century struggles

The Guardian |
1 October 2018

It was once the world's biggest monument to Josef Stalin, casting a dark shadow over Prague at the height of the communist dictatorship that ruled the former Czechoslovakia. Now the smashed granite remnants of the notorious statue will form the eerie backdrop to an exhibition highlighting the Czech Republic's often brutal 20th-century experiences of totalitarianism under Nazism and communism.

If the Czech economy is thriving, why are we so poor?

The Guardian |
20 September 2018

The transition from state socialism to capitalism has created deep feelings of injustice among those in manual jobs.

Favorit BigBoss: 'A legendary Czech brand comes back to life'

The Guardian |
17 September 2018

Heard the one about the Czech firm that's back from the brink? After Škoda's rebirth comes a two-wheel success story.

Russian presence divides Czechs 50 years after Prague Spring

The Guardian |
21 August 2018

Events of 1968 still influence debate about whether Russia should be seen as friend or foe

Czech Communists confront bitter legacy of Prague Spring

The Guardian |
13 August 2018

The ghosts of the past are returning to haunt the Czech Republic’s communists just as they become closer to gaining power than at any time in the past 30 years. A month after agreeing to prop up a minority coalition government led by the country’s second-richest person, Andrej Babis, the once all-powerful Communist party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSČM) is being confronted with one of its most baleful legacies: the brutal crushing in 1968 known as the Prague Spring.

Statue must tell true story of Soviet 'hero', say Czechs

The Guardian |
6 August 2018

Russia has been accused of interfering in the affairs of the Czech Republic after its embassy tried to block changes to the inscription on a Soviet-era statue.

A motorbike road trip in Bohemia

The Guardian |
23 July 2018

Driving south from Prague on his custom-built motorbike our writer rhapsodises about the Bohemian scenery by day, then gets stuck into its famous beer each evening

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