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Sleeping Czech tourist survives polar bear attack on remote Arctic island

The Guardian |
20 March 2015

A polar bear dragged a Czech tourist out of his tent as he slept on a remote Arctic island, clawing his back before being driven away by gunshots.

Australia's Bernard Tomic seals victory over Czech Republic

The Guardian |
9 March 2015

Australia reached the Davis Cup quarter-finals for the first time in almost a decade after Bernard Tomic calmly completed a victory over heavyweights Czech Republic in Ostrava.

Nadal out of Australian Open as Berdych finally beats Spaniard

The Guardian |
27 January 2015

Berdych hammers Nadal in straight sets 6-2 6-0 7-6 (7-5). Czech had not beaten world No3 in 17 previous matches.

Tesco faces strike in Czech Republic

The Guardian |
14 January 2015

Tesco is facing the threat of strike action by staff in the Czech Republic after announcing store closures that could result in more than 100 job losses.

UK owes our citizens unpaid welfare, say Slovakia and Czech Republic

The Guardian |
29 September 2014

Benefits due under EU law for Czechs and Slovaks who worked in Britain and are now unemployed, governments claim.

Czechs and Slovaks were better together

The Guardian |
9 September 2014

Since Czechoslovakia split in 1993, there have been too many lost years.

Dani Pedrosa wins Czech GP

The Guardian |
18 August 2014

Dani Pedrosa won the Czech Grand Prix at Brno on Sunday to end the winning streak of his team-mate and the defending world champion, Marc Márquez.

Unemployed people in Czech Republic are 'missing out on office sex'

The Guardian |
19 May 2014

A controversial video highlighting the thrill of sex in the workplace is being used by the leading party in the Czech Republic to appeal to voters in this week's European elections.

Czech deer still wary of iron curtain boundary

The Guardian |
24 April 2014

Almost 25 years after the iron curtain came down, central European deer still balk at crossing areas where there used to be electrified fences, scientists have found. A seven-year study in Šumava national park, in the Czech Republic, discovered that red deer were still wary of spots where the then Czechoslovakia had three parallel electrified fences patrolled by heavily armed guards.

Tomáš Berdych reaches Australian Open semi-finals for first time

The Guardian |
22 January 2014

Tomáš Berdych reached the semi-finals of the Australian Open for the first time with a four-set win over the third seed David Ferrer.

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