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Czech deer still wary of iron curtain boundary

The Guardian |
24 April 2014

Almost 25 years after the iron curtain came down, central European deer still balk at crossing areas where there used to be electrified fences, scientists have found. A seven-year study in Šumava national park, in the Czech Republic, discovered that red deer were still wary of spots where the then Czechoslovakia had three parallel electrified fences patrolled by heavily armed guards.

Tomáš Berdych reaches Australian Open semi-finals for first time

The Guardian |
22 January 2014

Tomáš Berdych reached the semi-finals of the Australian Open for the first time with a four-set win over the third seed David Ferrer.

Petr Čech out of Czech Republic match with Turkey with broken finger

The Guardian |
5 February 2013

Petr Čech broke a little finger after making contact with an opponent as he attempted to punch a ball away during the first half on Tyneside and has been ruled out of the Czech Republic's friendly with Turkey.

Three injured after white tiger escapes from Liberec zoo enclosure

The Guardian |
23 November 2012

Rare animal attacked three members of staff before being tranquilised at zoo in northern city of Liberec.

Is there a lesson for Catalonia in the Czechoslovakian 'velvet divorce'?

The Guardian |
20 November 2012

Czechosolvakia's peaceful separation is approaching its 20th anniversary. Can it be a template for Catalonia and Spain?

Czech kiosk liquor ban after 16 die drinking bootleg spirits

The Guardian |
13 September 2012

The Czech government on Wednesday banned hard liquor sales by street vendors after a 16th person died from drinking bootleg vodka and rum containing methanol, in the country's worst case of alcohol-related deaths in decades.

Lamb of God singer has bail challenged

The Guardian |
27 July 2012

Randy Blythe remains in Czech prison as prosecutors fear he will never return to face trial for manslaughter if he is bailed.

Wimbledon 2012: Martina Navrátilová tips Kvitová and Sharapova

The Guardian |
25 June 2012

No one knows Wimbledon like Martina Navrátilová and no one knows more about winning the title than the Czech-born American, who lifted the trophy a record nine times with her trademark serve-volley game. So when the former champion speaks about Wimbledon, the world listens.

Zátopek! – review

The Guardian |
19 June 2012

In 1952, the legendary Czech long-distance runner Emil Zátopek took Olympic gold in both the 5,000 and 10,000-metre races. On a whim, he decided to enter the marathon, despite never having attempted the distance before. He won that, too. Emily Howard's short opera is, like its subject, almost insanely ambitious.

Czech president condemns 'aggressive' Heartland Institute adverts

The Guardian |
11 May 2012

Václav Klaus condemns thinktank's campaign but says he will still proceed with his keynote speech at the forthcoming conference.

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