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Czech economy grows faster than reported, most since 2007

Bloomberg |
1 October 2015

The Czech economy grew faster than previously reported in the second quarter, expanding the most since 2007 in the midst of a loose monetary policy campaign by the central bank that limits gains in the nation’s currency.

Czech inflation slows as policy makers ponder stimulus span

Bloomberg |
10 September 2015

Czech inflation slowed for a second month in August as falling commodity prices continued to hamper the central bank's efforts to lift price growth with non-conventional tools.

Central bank's reserve surge shines light on interventions

Bloomberg |
9 September 2015

The Czech central bank's foreign-currency reserves surged in August, indicating policy makers stepped up interventions to prevent koruna appreciation after the currency tested the limit a month earlier.

Czech aid for biofuels approved by EU to continue through 2020

Bloomberg |
13 August 2015

The Czech government won approval from the European Union to continue aid for some biofuels as the bloc seeks to meet a goal of boosting the share of renewable sources in energy consumption.

Czech bazooka bigger than Swiss seen keeping speculators at bay

Bloomberg |
29 July 2015

In the battle against currency speculators, the Czech National Bank is toting more ammunition than the Swiss -- in relative terms at least. While Switzerland abandoned its cap on franc gains in January as foreign-currency reserves climbed to 76% of GDP, the central bank in Prague is in a more comfortable position.

The Czech economy is surging, so why are wages stagnant?

Bloomberg |
22 July 2015

Czechs are getting short-changed. An economic resurgence that's outshining western Europe hasn't brought a proportional uptick in salaries. Eleven years after the nation joined the European Union, average wages still trail those of a German street sweeper.

Central bank intervenes for first time since 2013

Bloomberg |
21 July 2015

The Czech central bank intervened on the foreign-exchange market for the first time since 2013 as an economic recovery spurred the koruna to test the regulator’s limit on gains.

Sick of cheap labor, Czech unions seek catch-up with Germany

Bloomberg |
2 July 2015

The Czech Republic needs to ditch its reputation as a cheap-labor economy if it wants to catch up with the living standards of wealthier European Union states, the country's top union official said.

Prague without IPOs hindering Czech economy, Tomšík tells HN

Bloomberg |
19 June 2015

The lack of new Czech stock listings is a drag on the economy and on investment options for savers, Hospodářské noviny cited a central banker as saying.

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