Friday, 20 November 2020

Brno Daily

Europe's exclusive tech exec debate: A world premiere in O2C technology

Brno Daily |
15 September 2020

The keynote presentation of Callisto Grand's ninth annual conference is returning again to Brno, this time virtually. Get informed about the relationship between working from home (WFH), cyber security and hacking, and the economic outlook from a tech perspective.

Brno Filharmonie launches its 65th season

Brno Daily |
10 September 2020

The Brno Philharmonic is looking forward to its 65th season, and has also announced an extended contract agreement with chief conductor Dennis R. Davies. The opening performance will be held at Brno's Petrov Cathedral on September 11th.

Czech government unveils national coronavirus vaccination strategy

Brno Daily |
9 September 2020

The Czech Ministry of Health has released a draft national vaccination strategy for coronavirus, to be used in the event that a workable vaccine is developed. Vaccination would be rolled out in three stages, with high-risk citizens in the first stage, key workers in the second, and the general public in the third.

Czechs leave home younger than the European average

Brno Daily |
7 September 2020

Statistics recently released by Eurostat have shown that the average age in Europe for young people to leave their family homes was 26.2 in 2019, while Czechs left home at 25.8 years. Women are more likely to leave home earlier than men in the Czech Republic.

Record high number of Covid-19 cases recorded on Wednesday

Brno Daily |
4 September 2020

With more than 600 positive cases of Covid-19 recorded on Wednesday, Health Minister Adam Vojtěch expressed concern over the need to tighten measures against the spread of the virus.

Brno publisher to release first Milan Kundera novel in Czech in 27 years

Brno Daily |
3 September 2020

Due to the renowned Brno novelist's famously fraught relationship with his home country, no new works have been released in Czech since 1993. Now, however, the author has finally allowed his most recent work, 2013's "The Festival of Insignificance", to be translated into his native language.

Overview: Facemask regulations from September

Brno Daily |
1 September 2020

As of today, facemasks are mandatory again in certain public spaces. The day after the regulations were first announced, Health Minister Adam Vojtech announced a number of major changes, leading to confusion and criticism among citizens. Since then, no further changes have been announced. Brno Daily provides an overview of the regulations.

Major Czech airlines seek protection from creditors

Brno Daily |
1 September 2020

Smartwings and Czech Airlines have applied for court protection from their creditors. The government has so far refused to intervene directly, partly because it is unsure whether government money should be used to support the national airline. Also in the spotlight is the relationship between the Prime Minister and key investors in the companies.

Report highlights inconsistent standards on sexist advertising between regional regulatory bodies

Brno Daily |
31 August 2020

The report, from Brno-based campaign group Nesehnutí, analysed the procedures used by Regional Trade Licensing Authorities (KŽÚ) to evaluate sexism in advertising. The research found that although fines had been imposed in over 20 cases, the criteria were not applied uniformly between each KŽÚ, meaning that some adverts were deemed problematic in some regions and not in others.

210th child placed in a Czech babybox in Prague

Brno Daily |
28 August 2020

On Monday evening, the 210th baby was placed in a babybox in the Czech Republic, where babies can be anonymously left behind. While there are many supporters of the program, including politicians, who argue that it saves childrens' lives, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has called for its abolition.

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