Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Czech researchers claim a new Lyme vaccine is 100% effective in tests |
29 May 2020

Czech scientists claim to have made a breakthrough in the fight against Lyme disease. Researchers from the Biology Center of the Czech Academy of Science say that a vaccine against Lyme disease has shown 100% effectiveness in tests. Tests on mice of a new Lyme disease vaccine show promise, but trials on humans still need to take place. The results were published at the beginning of May in NPJ Vaccines, a partner journal of Nature.

LAb Space: Náplavka's newly opened waterfront café |
28 May 2020

LAb Space is a new bar/cafe/bistro at Náplavka. Slated for opening in October 2019 but postponed until recently, LasSaboritas stopped by on May 25 to see what the buzz is about.

Prague's (A)void Floating Gallery on Náplavka may cease operations |
28 May 2020

The operator of the (A)void Floating Gallery is caught up in a dispute with the Prague administration and other entities managing the Náplavka.

78 years ago, Czechoslovak paratroopers assassinated Reinhard Heydrich |
28 May 2020

The assassination of acting Reichsprotektor Reinhard Heydrich took place 78 years ago in Prague on May 27, 1942. Commemorative ceremonies this year will be low key due to the coronavirus, but people can still see some of the locations.

Employment in the pandemic era: Which industries are hiring right now? |
27 May 2020

A look at which industries that are weathering the coronavirus crisis as well as those that are struggling.

Prague businesses in city-owned properties can now apply for rent reductions |
27 May 2020

The Prague administration is offering a rent reduction to businesses and entities on city property that have been affected by the coronavirus crisis. Applicants must meet the conditions set by the Prague City Council.

Czech Tax Freedom Day 2020 almost a month later than last year due to coronavirus |
27 May 2020

Tax Freedom Day in the Czech Republic is almost a month later than last year. In 2020, Czechs will work for the state until June 24. In 2019 the date was May 28, as calculated by the Prague-based Liberal Institute.

Czech Republic to end reserved shopping hours for seniors |
26 May 2020

Shoppers from all ages will be able to visit grocery stores and drugstores in the Czech Republic during all hours starting today, May 26, Deputy Prime Minister Karel Havlíček told yesterday. For the past two months, a two-hour window had been reserved for senior citizens at grocery stores and drugstores in the Czech Republic.

FAQs: What to know about traveling to and from Czech Republic this summer |
26 May 2020

Petr Sezemský from Expat Zone helps us get a better idea of the current travel regulations in the Czech Republic.

Survey: Half of Czechs to continue wearing face masks after requirement has ended |
26 May 2020

As of Monday, May 25, the mandatory requirement to wear a face mask in outdoor public spaces has ended. Still, 52% of Czech residents polled said that they would be willing to voluntarily wear a face mask while in public spaces, according to a survey conducted by Median for Český rozhlas.

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